The Greek Open University “hires” Daphne! A new era employee!

The Greek Open University “hires” Daphne! A new era employee!

Ιn 1997 the Hellenic Open University started its operation, as an innovative and very beneficial institution. In the years that followed, the Hellenic Open University  evolved and always remained a pioneering institution with instructors and executives who follow European standards of teaching and administration.

In 2021 the institution “hired” Daphne, an employee who can simultaneously serve an unlimited number of students, teachers or visitors, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. “Daphne” is a robot to which we have given human status, and which specializes in serving the visitors of the organization continuously and at the same time it returns important information to the organization. It is based on rules of artificial intelligence, with which the user interacts, through a conversation.

“Daphne” started working on the site of the Hellenic Open University at 16 September 2021 and until today has served 1737 unique users who conducted 11087 dialogues!

Soon, it will serve the Hellenic Open University audience on Facebook, through the Messenger application.

Technology evolves and brings fresh ideas and techniques to the Hellenic Open University, which is always “open” to follow them!