360° interactive training

digital training interactive training

Rapidly deploy new training scenarios, based on your unique workspace. Immediate train thousands of users to any device you choose.

Training as a Game
Fast and engaging training based on gamification, that can be used instantly by thousand users.

Unlimited Choices
Easy integration, using any device | mobile, tablet, desktop or even Virtual Reality headsets.

Administration Panel
We offer and end to end solution, to make sure you make the most out of your training programs.
Use extensive user management tools to better understand how your team is performing.

User Management
See the performance of your personnel, see individual results and keep track of the progress of each team member.

Performance Details
Export statistics on the training programs and discover what parts of your guidelines your need to give extra focus.

Re-engagement Features
Motivate your users to do the training programs and build a culture of continuous training, with automatic email reminders and updates.

KPIs Reports
Easily export any analytics and data you need for your performance reports and get the complete overview of your trainings.